The Committee

Sallie-Ann Griffiths Chairman

Jason Rosamond Vice-Chairman

Vince Mott Secretary

Lewis Torr Treasurer

Nominated Members

Jane Rigby
David Brookes
Gordon Smart

Club Council Representatives

Sallie-Ann Griffiths

Independant Delegates

Roger Price

Centre Delegates

Derbyshire - Barry Thomas and David Barber
Leicestershire - Moz Lester and Jessica Browne
Lincolnshire - Andy Eccles and Pete Sewell
Midland - Gordon Mitchell and Martyn Reynolds
Northamptonshire & Rutland - Duncan Mitchell
Nottinghamshire - Steve Widdowson and Tracy Orchard
North Staffordshire - Mike Winks and Ann Ricketts
South Staffordshire - Steve McGuire and Trevor Watkins
East Warwickshire - Jane Burgoine and Barry Roberts
West Warwickshire - Dave Waring and John Burden